2017 Legislative Session

AIA Maryland – Legislative Bills in Review

The 437th Session of the Maryland General Assembly convened on January 11, 2017 and will continue to April 10, 2017. The AIA Maryland Board of Directors reviews and monitors bills introduced in each year’s legislative session that could have an impact on the architectural profession and Maryland architects, working closely with our esteemed and long-standing lobbyist, Joe Miedusiewski, of Semmes, Bowen & Semmes.

Check back here weekly for updates and AIA Maryland’s position on various bills during this year’s Session.

Bills AIA Maryland is currently supporting:
HB0138 / SB0006  – Occupational and Professional Licensing Boards, Commissions, and Regulatory Entities – Notifications of Applicants, Licensees, Registrants and Permit Holders
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HB0144 – Procurement – Department of General Services – Exemption for Historic Structures
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HB0203 / SB0852 – Public Safety – Maryland Accessibility Code – Applicability
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Bills AIA Maryland is currently following:
HB0121 – Reorganization of State Procurement
HB0131 – State Planning – Central Depository
HB0215 – County Revenues – Business Fees and Personal Property Tax Exemption
SB0109 / HB0283
 – Procurement – Prohibitions on Participation
HB0390 / SB0310 – Improving the State Procurement Oversight Structure
HB0398 / SB0404 – Labor and Employment – Equal Pay – Job Announcement and Salary History Information Disclosures
HB0426 / SB0311 – Promoting Efficiencies in State Procurement
HB0433 / SB0309 – State Finance and Procurement – Small and Minority Business Participation
HB0470 / SB0235 – Sales and Use Tax – Exemption – Service Performed by Person Practicing Engineering
HB0593 / SB0421 – Counties – Historic Preservation – Development Limitation
HB0587 – State Finance and Procurement – Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprises – Definitions
SB0722 – Public Safety – Light Frame Combustible Construction – Requirements

Note: Where two Bill numbers are listed, this means the bill was cross-filed.

Complete information on the above bill(s) can be found on the General Assembly of Maryland website.