President’s Message

President’s Message — August 2016

KSherrillKathleen P. S. Sherrill, AIA
President, AIA Maryland

As many of you know the Governor has established a commission to look at 21st Century Schools. I was asked to join the commission in light of the fact that there was no other architect member.

This is ironic considering that the discussion was to be about construction cost saving. Without the designers sitting at the table, how does this work? At the first session I attended, commissioners were asked to invite those that would provide expert testimony concerning the issues. In an earlier discussion I had with Mr. Knott (the Chairman) I stressed the need for research to determine what 21st Century learning looks like and how is it achieved in the classroom. I also commented on the way schools are maintained or not. Should we build schools like fortresses, or should they be built for a period then retooled or torn down to make way for the new way students will learn 25-30 years from now?

I would like to thank Jim Determan for taking time from his day to testify and explain clearly the important issues that need to be considered.  After all the testimony, there is a lot to read through, a lot of discussion that needs to continue in the next sessions.


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