2017 Has Been Quite a Ride

How has your year been and what are you thinking about for next year?  2017 has been quite a ride and I have much for which I am grateful.

I am incredibly fortunate for all the hard work my colleagues have given over the last year to AIA Maryland.  They have worked hard on issues that affect all of us throughout the state.  We are lucky to be supported in these efforts by Sandi Worthman, our executive director and Joe Miedusiewski, our able lobbyist.  These two keep us up to date, remind us of our commitments and offer guidance while also knowing when to stand back and let us march forward.  I am thankful to have all these extraordinary persons as great resources working with the same shared goals.  And…

A special thanks to Brenden, our fearless president this past year, for working, listening and embracing everyone as he guided the board throughout his term.  He truly deserves the captain’s cap he received at the new board / old board meeting last week!

The year has been exciting. We have had much success as you have read in Brenden’s articles and throughout the newsletters over the course of the year.  We could not have accomplished this without your support, our colleagues in practice.  We appreciate you reaching out to us, talking with us and your support of legislative issues on the state and national level.

The coming year will continue to bring us challenges.  We have much to advocate for on preservation, schools and state procurement.   We welcome your continued participation and invite you to join us for our joint advocacy day with Preservation Maryland on February 1st and, our legislative luncheon at the chapter house that day (registration and more information on this to come).  Call us with your questions when you see an issue that affects us; we need your help and all our voices working together.

For all this, I am thankful and hopeful.  Wishing everyone the best in the holiday season and for the new year!

Larry Frank, AIA
2018 President, AIA Maryland