2018 AIA National Photography Competition Now Open

2018 AIA National Photography Competition Now Open;  Deadline is April 1, 2018.  To view the top fourteen award winning images from 2017 featured in Architect Magazine, please click HERE.

Call for entries for this year’s competition.  Open to all AIAS, Associate AIA and AIA members as well as architects actively registered in the United States.

To goal is to highlight the architectural treasures – large and small – in the world and showcase the photographic talent of the architect (and future architect).  The focus of each image must be of architecture; one award is for an architecture in the US, the Fuller Award.

Cash prizes from $200-$500.  Entry fees are:

AIAS                                                             $15
Associate AIA                                               $30
AIA                                                               $35
Non member; architect registered in the US   $70

Top 14 winning images will receive a set of blank note cards with the winning image and publication in selected AIA  media.

Each entry covers five images.  To learn more,.click HERE