2019 AIA National Photography Competition Opens

The 2019 AIA National Photography Competition © was founded to promote appreciation and awareness of the built environment as captured in images by architects.  The competition is open to all AIA and AIAS members and architects registered in the United States.  Entries will be accepted through April 15, 2019 and may be submitted online or via CD ROM.

The entries must have an architectural theme or must contain some element of the man-made environment.  The jury will use the photographic interpretation of the subject matter as their main criteria for judging, not the architecture itself.

Cash awards are:  First place, $500; Second place, $400; Third place, $300; Fuller Award (must be of American architecture; Al Fuller was the founder of the competition).

A total of fourteen images are selected to be honored for display at A’19 Conference on Architecture in Las Vegas, Nevada and made into note cards in 2020.

The entry fee for AIA members is $35; entry fee for Associate AIA members is $30;  entry fee for AIAS members is $15; entry fee for registered architects who are non-members is $70.  Entrants may submit up to five slide for each entry fee and may enter as many times as desired.  Please visit www.aia-stlouis.org to learn more, submit online or download entry form.  Please call 314-621-3484 with questions.