2018 Legislative Session

AIA Maryland – 2018 Legislative Bills in Review

The 438th Session of the Maryland General Assembly convened on January 10, 2018 and will continue to April 9, 2018. Working closely with our lobbyist, Joe Miedusiewski of Old Line Government Affairs, the AIA Maryland Legislative Committee reviews and monitors bills introduced in each year’s legislative session that could have an impact on the architectural profession and Maryland architects.


Senator Joan Carter-Conway joined AIA Maryland and lobbyist, Joe Miedusiewski as Governor Hogan signed Senate Bill 1020 on May 8, 2018.


Sage Policy Group Report – The Economic Implications of Purchasing Architectural Services from non-Marylanders

Senate Bill 1020 – Procurement – Architectural Services and Engineering Services – Reciprocal Preference




If you have any questions regarding a current bill or issue, please feel free to contact AIA Maryland. Should you have interest in testifying on any bill, please contact AIA Maryland prior to the hearing so we can work together and present a united organization representing architects in the State of Maryland.

Check back here weekly for updates and AIA Maryland’s position on various bills introduced during this Session. Also keep an eye on the Latest News on our home page for dates when AIA Maryland will testify before the House or Senate committees on these issues.

AIA Maryland is currently following:
HB188 / SB077 – State Board of Architects and State Board for Professional Land Surveyors – Membership
HB195 / SB0473 – Prince George’s County – School Overcrowding Reduction Act of 2018
HB0195 Letter of Concern
HB221 – Local Government – School Construction Permits
HB224 – Procurement – Small Business and Minority Businesses – Qualifications and Certification
HB0226 / SB0483 – Public Schools – Sprinkler Systems – Required Update: Senate bill withdrawn
HB0694 – Public Safety – Building Codes – Transfer of Administration to DLLR
HB0776 / SB0492 – Procurement – Responsible Workforce Development Percentage Prince Preference Act
HB0858 / SB251 – Minority Business Enterprises – Required Regulations – Liquidated Damages Prohibition
HB0954 – Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit-Reserve Fund-Mandated Appropriation
     HB0954 Letter of Support 
HB0968 / SB0092 – Maryland School Overcrowding Reduction Act of 2018
     AIAMD testified on 2/20 – HB0968 Letter of Concern Update: House Committee issued an unfavorable report.
HB0986 – SB 1009 – Department of General Services – Bird-Safe Building Standards (Maryland Bird-Safe Buildings Act of 2018) HB0986 Letter of Support with Amendment Recommendation; Update: House bill withdrawn.
HB1088 – State Procurement – Information Technology – Non visual Access
HB1108 – State Procurement – Use of Electronic Means to Conduct Procurement
HB1114 – Calvert County – Procurement Contracts – Reciprocal Preference for Resident Bidders
HB1141 – Building Performance Standards – Agricultural Buildings Used for Agritourism – Exemption
HB1438 / SB0332 – Prince George’s County – School Construction Master Plan Workgroup
HB1471 – Workgroup to Study Design Industry Impacts in Maryland Update: House Committee issued an unfavorable report.
HB1495 / SB1183 – Public School Construction Assessment and Maintenance Reform Act
HB1587 – Public Safety – Fire Investigation Science Advisory Work Group Update: House and Senate bills withdrawn.
HB1633 – Procurement – Public School Construction Contingency Fund
HB1760 / SB1165 – Procurement – Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise Participation
SB0286 – State Procurement – Information Technology – Non-Visual Access
SB0469 – Public Health – School Buildings – Minimum Health Standards (Healthy Schools Program)
SB0752 / HB1587 – Public Safety – Fire Investigation Science Advisory Workgroup Update: bill withdrawn
SB0962 / HB0958 – Courts – Certificate of Merit – Provider of Professional Services Update: Senate bill withdrawn.
SB1020 / HB1557 – Procurement – Architectural Services and Engineering Services – Reciprocal Preference  SB1020 Testimony and Letter of Support HB1557 Testimony and Letter of Support Update: the bill passed unanimously in both the House and Senate.
/ HB0138 – Assembly Areas – State-Funded Construction or Renovation – Assistive Listening System Requirement Update: Senate bill withdrawn.
SB1121 – Procurement – Small Businesses and Minority Businesses – Qualifications and Certification
SB1139 – Procurement – Minority Business Enterprise Certification – Sale to Non-minority Entity
SB1146 – Public Schools – School Construction – Approval, Design and Funding
SB1148 / HB1704 – Washington County – Advisory School Design Review Committee – Repeal
SB1152 / HB1116 – Public Safety – Agritourism – Permit Exemption
SB1173 / HB1389 – Home Sprinkler and Fire Safety Assistance Fund – Pilot Program
SB1221 – Public School Construction – Incentive Program and Pilot Program – Established
SB1224 – Procurement – Prevailing Wage – Modivications
SB1243 / HB1783 – 21st Century School Facilities Act SB1243 Testimony and Letter of Concern-final

Note: Where two Bill numbers are listed, this means the bill was cross-filed in both houses.

Complete information on the above bill(s) can be found on the General Assembly of Maryland website. To follow a hearing, look to the bottom right side of the home page for hearings that are being live streamed.