Architects formally acknowledged in the FEMA Natl Incident Mgmt System

Released September 9, 2020, AIA Disaster Assistance Committee member, Rose Grant, AIA; FEMA Project Technical Committee member, shared this good news. What follows is a very brief overview, you can read the entire special advisory here.

While there is still some work to be done, now that architects are recognized and officially defined by NIMS, their assistance can be requested anywhere in the country (including U.S. territories) through EMAC (Emergency Management Assistance Compact).

AIA’s Disaster Assistance program previously recognized the ICS courses as recommended but not will require them. Credentialing is essential in validating the identity and attributes (e.g., affiliations, skills, or privileges) of emergency personnel. Architects who have already taken SAP training, are encouraged to complete the following ICS courses free online:

  • IS-100: Introduction to the Incident Command System (2 hrs.)
  • IS-200: ICS for Single Resources and initial Action Incidents (4 hrs.)
  • IS-700: National Incident Management System, an introduction (3.5 hrs.)
  • IS-800: National Response Framework, an introduction (3 hrs.)

AIA’s efforts from proposing legislation, to helping write new NIMS resource type definitions, to working to produce the Post-disaster Building Safety Evaluation Guide (P2055) are unlocking opportunities for architects to volunteer to assist our communities. These efforts advance the AIA’s mission and goals to provide a method for members to meet (and exceed) their ethical obligation to “render public interest professional services, including pro bono services … after disasters or in other emergencies.”