2018 Student Awards

Community College – Design
Winner: Brosse Tigree, Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center
Mark Davis, Anne Arundel Community College



Community College – Hand Delineation
Jury Citation: Assignment #1 – Coloring Book
Kate Anthony, Anne Arundel Community College





Jury Citation: Cityscapes, Rome
Mitch Norris, Anne Arundel Community College








Winner: Annapolis in Color
Marcia Magette, Anne Arundel Community College










Undergraduate, Upper Level Design
Jury Citation: Digital Community
Cristhy Centeno, University of Maryland






Graduate, Upper Level Design
Jury Citation: Embedded Healing Potentials: An Embodied Ritualistic Experience of Treatment
Christopher Reyes, University of Maryland





Winner: Displacement: Placemaking for the Uprooted
Nayab Khan, University of Maryland






Winner: Public Dyeworks: The Eco-Industry and Hydrology of the Chicago River’s South Branch
Jennifer Chorosevic, University of Maryland



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President’s Message, Aug 2018

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high
Oh, your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-lookin’
        George Gershwin

If only it was as simple as Gershwin describes, Ella sang it and countless others have covered it.

I hope all are enjoying their summer, and you have had a chance for some reflection, some – translate lots! of time with family and friends, perhaps a vacation or 2 and a chance to unwind. 

Well, while you been enjoying life your state board has been doing some relaxing too and while we have been unwinding we also have been getting ready for fall.

We have a full agenda moving ahead as we close out the year and as we get ready for next year.  We are working on a handful of component policy updates including diversity and harassment issues.  We have started our Disaster Assistance Program – thanks again to Bo Green.  There is much work to do on this throughout the state – keep your eyes open, we are organizing to offer another training program before year end.  We also have begun coordinating with various state emergency response organizations. 

This fall we will be working with our colleagues in our region components to select a new member for the national strategic council. We have a group of outstanding candidates with whom we will be speaking in the upcoming weeks.  Please let us know if there are issues affecting you we should be keeping in mind as we work on our selection.

 And speaking of strategic – our board will be developing its strategic plan next year. Again – I am asking on behalf of the board and your colleagues – if there are issues affecting you about which we should be aware – please let us know.

We have also been watching the legislature and after the primaries earlier this summer, we anticipate many changes in the coming year.  Things will settle further after the fall election and we will know who our new legislators are and have a good idea with whom we will be working.  There will be many new faces, new committee members and chairs this year.  We will need to work together relying on our good track record to maintain our strong relationships and also work to develop new relationships.

We look forward to the efforts this entails.

Hoping your summer was restful and you are ready to work with us this fall.

Best, Larry

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State Disaster Assistance Program Update JUL18

While we are officially in Hurricane Season, it’s been quiet so far. The recent events in Ellicott City prove, however, that disasters can happen at any moment.

The AIA Disaster Assistance Program (DAP) supports a nationwide network of architects to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. Trained architects augment municipal building department staff post-disaster to assess the safety and habitability of homes and buildings, significantly reducing the need for temporary shelters and emergency services while mitigating future public safety dangers. The AIA Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct calls on members to render professional services for the public interest, including pro bono services, after disasters or in other emergencies. Participating in your State Disaster Assistance Program is a great way to give back in your state and beyond.

Based on the State of California’s training program, the AIA Safety Assessment Program (SAP) Training educates architects, engineers, and building inspectors to evaluate the post-disaster safety and habitability of homes and buildings as a Building Evaluator. AIA Maryland hosted its first training back in April and we are hoping to host another class this Fall. If you are interested, please email Sandi Worthman.

The AIA Maryland Disaster Assistance Program (DAP) continues to work with Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and we are introducing The AIA and DAP to local emergency managers across the state. By working with MEMA, our members can be called to asses structures anywhere in the US or abroad. After a national or international disaster, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would issue a request for volunteers through MEMA.

If all our efforts don’t convince you that The AIA is serious about DAPs, check out the work The AIA is doing with Congress. The AIA has been working with your legislators on language for the Disaster Recovery Reform Act. Highlights include: language to recognize the role of architects in post-disaster situations; requires FEMA include a definition for architects under the types of professionals that can help in disaster situations – previously only included engineers; requires FEMA issue standard guidelines to analyze the structural safety and habitability of buildings and, requires FEMA to work with The AIA to write those guidelines. More on this to come soon as your help will be needed to pass the bill.

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Summertime in Maryland JUL18 News

Looking at our job board, you are all having a very busy summer! There are opportunities for architects in a variety of practice areas with varying levels of experience. Check it out.

While you may think summer is a quiet time, we are very busy working with AIA North Carolina to review the Excellence in Design entries. I am happy to say we have 115 professional submissions and 35 student entries this year.

Your component executives are all heading to Chicago in a couple weeks for the Council of Architecture Component Executives (CACE) and the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) meetings. This is our annual opportunity for professional development provided by The AIA and our piers with ASAE. We will return exhausted but energized and armed with great ideas to improve member experience.

I hope you’ve had at least a brief opportunity for some summer fun and look forward to seeing you at the awards celebration in September.

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Exhibit on Trailblazing Women of Architecture in Maryland

The Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge, MD will feature two exhibits in their galleries July 1-Aug 24: the Early Women of Architecture in Maryland, and Architecture of the Chesapeake Bay Region, by members of The AIA Chesapeake Bay Chapter.

Exhibit Reception and Presentation – Saturday, July 14th – A free presentation starting at 6:00pm will be given during Downtown Cambridge’s Second Saturday festivities (5-7:30pm). The talk will focus on two of the women, Victorine du Pont Homsey, FAIA (1900-1998) and Chloethiel Woodard Smith, FAIA (1910-1992), both of whom have architectural projects on the Eastern Shore. Of note, Victorine du Pont Homsey, FAIA has two projects in Dorchester County: the Cambridge Yacht Club, as well as a residence for Francis du Pont at Horn Point.

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Hurricane Season is Here! Disaster Assistance Program Update

Although Hurricane Season is here, we fortunately have not had to contend with any major storms.  Still, our recent history in Ellicott City shows that disasters can come at any moment, whether we are ready or not.  We are in the midst of organizing our AIA Maryland Disaster Assistance Program (DAP), as part of The AIA network of state DAP’s, and although we have made some significant progress, we still have work to do. Our goal is to have a statewide network of responders, trained and ready for when the need arises, and we are looking for your help!

Last week, while in NYC attending the 2018 AIA National Convention, AIA Maryland Executive Director, Sandi Worthman and President, Larry Frank joined me when we met with one of the countries leading experts on disaster response, Illya Azaroff, AIA.  He is an architect in New York, and is as experienced in this field as they come. We were able to cover some significant ground with Illya and he has offered to help us as we get organized.  There are only a handful of strong DAP programs in place in the country, and with Illya’s support we hope Maryland will become one of the model organizations in the US.

Sandi and I also met with Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) two weeks ago.  They are command central for any disasters that might develop and are thrilled to learn that architects are willing and able to help.  We will soon be joining them on a call with the Emergency Response teams  for all of Maryland’s counties, so we should soon be well connected to the government programs across the state.

We are appealing to any and all architects to let us know if you are interested in finding out more and/or are ready to join us in this effort.  Please contact me or Sandi with any questions you may have. The process is simple …  you attend a day-long training (6.5 HSW CEU’s) to become a certified building evaluator, get on our list of volunteers, prepare your “go-bag” and then wait to be contacted.  Your assignment will be to briefly inspect buildings to determine how safe they are for occupancy.  We rate whether a resident/owner should stay out of the building, go in temporarily to retrieve valuables or, re-occupy.  Local officials will follow up to verify your assessment.

Deployment may be local for a day or two, or if you are willing, it could be as much as 7-10 days any where in the world a disaster has struck.  This is volunteer work with expenses covered by government agencies such as FEMA.

Please let us know ASAP as…the next disaster is not a scheduled event.  Thanks.

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