December 2017 President’s Message

Our year of the Fire Rooster is coming to a close and so is my privilege of being your AIA Maryland President. I want to thank you all for your support, especially our 2017 AIA Maryland board members; our local chapter boards of Baltimore, Potomac Valley, and the Chesapeake Bay; our executive directors, Kathleen Lane, Rene Catacalos, and Melinda Kay respectively and, our own Sandi Worthman, AIA Maryland Executive Director.

As we enter the time-honored tradition of new year’s resolutions, I’d ask that we all increase our involvement and voice within The AIA and our communities at large. Whether you join your local chapter’s board, attend an event, submit an article for the monthly newsletter, share concerns with me via email or, just make it a point to read our newsletter and check the AIA websites at the 3 levels (chapter, state, national); your participation is what makes AIA great. Once you’ve taken these initial steps, share your thought on what AIA is doing well and where we can improve. We are here to serve you, and we need your voice in order to reach for excellence. If this message seems familiar, then I have accomplished my goal of increasing the dBs in our message (it may have also appeared in my inaugural message). If I remember anything from my 12th grade history teacher, Mr. Salerno, other than being a member of the “clipper club – AHS ‘99”, it’s that an essay must start with a strong position and finish with compelling proof. While I conclude my year, and hand the keys over to Larry Frank (thanks again for taking this on for a second go-around), I leave you with what we started with, and that which we can continually strive for…

We are at the dawn of the year, and through hard work and patience, we can—we will achieve success in 2018!

We need you!