Maryland Architect Licensing Advisors

What is an Architect Licensing Advisor?

Architect Licensing Advisors have the important responsibility of ensuring that interns, supervisors, and mentors have accurate and up-to-date knowledge regarding the process of becoming a licensed architect in the United States. Architect Licensing Advisors communicate regularly with the AIA, NCARB, and each other to maintain currency, pose questions, and share ideas and best practices.

The Architect Licensing Advisors Community (formerly the IDP Coordinators Program) exists to facilitate the flow of information to architecture students, interns, and architects about licensure and reciprocity. Architect Licensing Advisors are local, state, or university volunteers who help manage communications between the AIA, the NCARB, and their membership, and help educate and support interns. Individuals may be state, educator, or auxiliary coordinators. NCARB develops and improves resources for the advisors regarding all NCARB programs, while the American Institute Architects (AIA) facilitates training related to their programs such as mentorship.

The AIA and NCARB invite the Architect Licensing Advisors to an annual summit where they converge to learn about, discuss, and improve the entire licensure process. Additionally Architect Licensing Advisors have the chance to impact IDP as members of committees co-sponsored by the AIA and NCARB.

Architect Licensing Advisors are volunteers who are committed to assisting interns navigate the path to licensure and advising architects on reciprocity. For more information about Architect Licensing Advisors, contact any of the Maryland Licensing Advisors listed below or visit AIA’s website page.

AIA Maryland Architect Licensing Advisors:

MD State Licensing Advisor:
Michael A. Daly, AIA
18221 Mehrens Terrace
Olney, MD 20832
V 440-339-6133

Baltimore Licensing Advisors:
Kathleen L. Lane, Assoc. AIA
Executive Director
11 1/2 West Chase Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
V 410-625-2585
F 410-727-4620

Sharon Day, AIA
GWWO, Inc./Architects
800 Wyman Park Drive, Suite 300
Baltimore, MD 21211
V 410-332-1009
F 410-332-0038

Chesapeake Bay Licensing Advisor:
Jon M. Lipka, AIA
Becker Morgan Group, Inc.
Port Exchange Suite 300
312 West Main Street
Salisbury, MD 21801
V 410-546-9100
F 410-546-5824

Potomac Valley Licensing Advisor:
Michael Daly, AIA
ASG® – Architectural Support Group, Inc.
7761 Waterloo Road
Jessup, MD 20794
V  440-339-6133

Morgan State University Licensing Advisor:
Sanjit Roy, Assistant Professor
School of Architecture + Planning
Morgan State University
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251
V 443-885-4222

University of Maryland Licensing Advisor:
Garth Rockcastle, FAIA
School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
V 301-405-5755
F 301-314-9583

Associate Director AIA Mid-Atlantic:
Yiselle Santos, AIA
2015-2016 NAC Regional Associate Director

AIA/MD Liaison:
Brian Blazejak, AIA
Ayers Saint Gross
1040 Hull Street, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21230
V 410-347-8500