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Looking for an Architect?
You and Your Architect is a great resource to understand how an architect can assist you and the right questions to ask before making a selection. Hiring an AIA architect could be the best decision you’ll make. We’ll show you why.

AIA National provides a free searchable database of architectural firms who are AIA members. Hiring an AIA architect could be the best decision you’ll make for your residential or commercial design project. Access Find an Architect and enter your Zip code and other desired information in the Search Box to find an architect in your area who meets your precise project needs.

Once you have a list of possible architects, contact them personally and ask lots of questions. All successful projects start with good information and an informed consumer is most likely to get the results he expects. Experience tells us that successful projects — those that achieve the desired results for owners, users, and architects— result from informed clients working with skilled architects to form professional, business, and often personal relationships. These relationships are formed early on and are nourished by clear communication, mutually understood expectations, and a willingness of both client and architect to understand and accept their responsibilities for realizing a successful project. 

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