The Crib at Strathmore – Broadhurst Architects, Inc.

CITATION ─ Residential
Project:  The Crib at Strathmore
  North Bethesda, MD
Architect:  Broadhurst Architects, Inc.
 Enviresponsible Shelters, Inc.
Contractor:  Added Dimensions, Inc./Alan Kanner, Max Yakush
Photographer:  Anice Hoachlander

Jury Comments:
There are a number of projects that are similar to this; small footprint, simple to build, possibly portable, minimal but adequate accommodation.  Not many have this degree of rigor in material use, and particularly, detailing.  Building on a previous project, these designers exhibit compelling degree of confidence and thoroughness that allows a degree of cheekiness to emerge.  The “hearth,” the picture hanging device, complete with light (and bucolic image), and the moveable light on rails above the overhead doors were particularly enjoyed.


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