Invitation to Participate in A Better Maryland Strategies Survey

A Better Maryland is a dynamic, evolving plan that provides a framework to support a thriving economy and environmental stewardship. The plan supports collaboration among state and local governments and all other stakeholders, providing resources and tools for the long term economic success of Maryland.

Share your Priorities by Completing our Strategies Survey

The Maryland Department of Planning is conducting a second round of community outreach for the new state development plan, A Better Maryland. Planning developed topics and strategies using input provided by participants in the first round of outreach for A Better Maryland. Additional stakeholders, including the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission, the Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association, the Maryland Municipal League, the Maryland Association of Counties, and Maryland state agencies, assisted in this effort. You can view first round input on Planning’s website at the What We’ve Heard page.

Take the Online Strategies Survey

As part of the second round, Planning has posted a new online survey to gather additional input as we formulate A Better Maryland. The survey allows you to prioritize strategies, which are organized under the following 14 topics:

  • Sustaining the Environment into the Future
    Preserving Land
    Adapting and Becoming Resilient to Climate Change
  • Tackling the Economic Development Needs of the Next Century
    Improving Economic Growth and Development in Existing Communities
  • Meeting Renewable Energy Goals
  • Addressing Maryland’s Transportation, Infrastructure, and Technology Challenges and Opportunities
  • Creating Workforce/Affordable Housing
  • Building Capacity in Communities
  • Protecting Historic and Cultural Resources
  • Creating Quality Places
  • Coordinating State Agencies in Planning Processes
    Respecting Regional Distinctions
    Improving the Delivery of Programs and Services to Local Jurisdictions

Please consider attending one of our public meetings being held through the middle of November.  Please share this with your associates, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Post to your social media (e.g. Facebook, Next Door). Together we will develop the new state development plan, A Better Maryland.

Read the entire bulletin from Maryland Department of Planning HERE