AIA MD ARE Lending Library

ARE Resource Materials – Lending Library:

The following materials are available to emerging professionals who are studying for the ARE:

  • Kaplan Architecture Study Guides, Flash Cards, Vignettes, online Seminars!  (Yes, online… they talk to you; pretty entertaining and educational!)
  • Archiflash Cards (the real deal here folks…)
  • Archiflash Solutions Vignette Book (trying to look out for you with those pesky vignettes)
  • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings (Big Book, recommend reading in small doses…)
  • The Amber Book (Is it really ‘Amber’ in color… is it?! Only one way to find out!)

If you’re interested in checking out any of these resources please feel free to visit the AIA Maryland Chapter House in Annapolis or contact us at