President’s Message – May, 2018

And what have you done lately?

A week ago the Governor signed legislation that we helped introduce to provide some balance in state procurement for Maryland Architects. The bills provide reciprocal preference for Maryland firms when competing against out of state firms whose home state provides a preference to the in state architect.  That’s great news and now the next steps begin; we will work with state agencies to assist them as they adopt and implement the legislation in their procurement processes.  Keep your eye out as we continue to work on this throughout the year.

Other events continue to occupy us at the State – we are working to establish and coordinate a State Disaster Assistance Committee.  Big thanks to Bo Green for joining us and agreeing to take a leadership role. More folks are needed to serve as local liaisons to their City and County agencies.  Again, please keep your eyes open – we need you to lend your expertise and assistance.  Following on our successful training last month we will be looking to train and certify more architects throughout the state to be ready to assist in building evaluation should disaster strike.

And the Design Awards portal is open – now is the time to share your project and be recognized for the quality work that you and your colleagues produce. Enter now!

Our actions are critical, they show, they inform.  We are working hard for architects throughout the state.  We are doing more than simply talking, we are taking action and actions speak loud and true.  Come join us, enter your work in the design awards, join us at one of our events.  We are working for the future. We care about our legacy, and we want it to be strong.

Lastly – April showers bring May flowers – seems like the weather deities have things a little confused this year.  We just finished a couple of weeks of May where we received more rain than we had the entire 2 months prior.  Having said that – please stop, take some time, consider the world around you and smell the flowers. Life goes on – make sure you get your fill!