Wilmington Fire Station No. 3 Achieves LEED Silver Certification

Wilmington Fire Station No. 3 Achieves LEED Silver Certification

August 1, 2016


Becker Morgan Group is pleased to announce Wilmington Fire Station No. 3 achieved LEED Silver Certification from the United States Green Building Council. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is the recognized standard for measuring a building’s sustainability and is the culmination of a rigorous third party review process confirming a building has successfully addressed sustainability goals set forth by the rating system. The new 14,500 square foot fire station houses 10 fire fighters and includes equipment bays, bunkrooms, kitchen area, dining room, crew day room, locker/shower/restrooms, office/communications room, community/training room, exercise room, equipment wash down area, climate controlled storage rooms, and emergency generator space.

Sustainable building strategies used in the design of Wilmington Fire Station No. 3 include access to public transportation, parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles, reflective roofing materials, use of indigenous landscaping materials which do not require irrigation, low-volume plumbing fixtures, an optimized variable refrigerant flow HVAC system, solar panels used to heat water for a radiant apparatus bay slab, use of recycled and regional building materials, low-emitting paints, coatings and adhesives and occupant controlled lighting and temperature.

Release courtesy of Becker Morgan Group, Inc.