Young Architects Forum Regional Director Needed

The Middle Atlantic Regional Council (MARC) sends one Regional Director (RD) to represent the region to the Young Architects Forum (YAF). The YARD shall have powers and duties as prescribed by the American Institute of Architects and the Young Architects Forum (YAF) Advisory Committee, and also shall serve as a representative to MARC. All travel and housing fees for the YAF/NAC Annual meeting is provided by AIA and a $1,500 stipend is provided to attend regional and national events such as A’19, Grassroots, etc., but YARDs are encouraged to identify volunteer opportunities to reduce costs.

Each Regional Director primary role is to be a communication link between the various Emerging Professional programs within the MARC and the YAF AdCom. Each YARD also serves on a Focus Group committee with others YARDs to help support the initiatives of the YAF. Information about each focus group will be provided at the annual meeting.

The deadline to apply is November 16th.  Full details and application instructions can be found here.